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The Juliant Foundation is a private non-profit foundation focused on benefiting charitable causes through the use of multimedia content, outreach and fundraising events. 


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Living Kidney Donation

For more than a year we've been intimately connected to the life-giving gift of a living organ donation. The Pinvidic family has a long history and experience with Kidney disease and the donation proces, and the Juliant Foundation is thrilled to be creating the defining documentary on the living donor process. 

Animal Rescue Foundation

For the last 6 years the Pinvidic family has been rescuing animals on their multi-acre estate in Los Angeles. With more that 30 animals on any given day, there is always love that needs to be spread around. From horses to the world famous Albert the Turkey, The Juliant Foundation works with wonderful organizations to bring awareness to the animal rescue world

The Sho'nuff Memorial Golf Tournament

For more than 20 years Brant Pinvidic has hosted the now renamed charity golf tournament in honor of his lost friend Julius Carry III. The tournament raises money for children's hospitals and has raised nearly half a million dollars. 

Juliana's Homeless Care Packages

Each year, Juliana Pinvidic assembles more that 500 homeless personal care packages for distribution to the Los Angeles homeless population. Packages include the necessary essential for the less fortunate living in the most at-risk situations.

3-E Summer Adventure Camp

Brant is the founder of The 3-E (Early Entrepreneurial Education) Summer Adventure Camp. This non-profit organization provides no-cost weeklong summer programs designed to take small groups of High School students (grade 10/11) through an immersive program of activities, guest speakers and real world entrepreneurial training. The training helps give the students practical knowledge about the entrepreneurial world they would never learn in traditional high school curriculum.

Upcoming Projects

The Juliant Foundation and the Pinvidic Family dedicate time each year to find the most impactful projects to include in their fundraising and media creation plan. We are always open to hearing about individuals and organizations making a difference in the world today. We offer love, expertise and finical support for those who qualify.

If you know of a project or cause that needs our help. Please contact us.

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